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  1. Can a pool operator steal your Aion?
    No, your stake is safe and secure by contracts on the network. A pool is never in ownership of your Aion and cannot spend your Aion or your rewards.

  2. When will my undelegation be finalized?
    Undelegation transfers take about ~1 day to finalize; this is done to ensure smooth operations of the network.

  3. What malicious things can a pool do?
    Since the network enforces strict protocol for staking operations, there aren't many malicious things that a pool operator can do. A pool operator can choose to shut down operations without informing you. After a pool shuts down, you will not earn rewards on your stake. Hence you should regularly check that your pool is active and performing well on the network.

  4. When can I withdraw my rewards?
    You can withdraw your rewards anytime; you will need enough Aion balance to do a withdrawal transaction. To withdraw rewards Click on My Delegations > Pool Image > Withdraw button

  5. Where can I ask more questions?
    You can ask more questions and reach out for help to the Aion community at


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