Makki Mobile Wallet


What is Makkii?

Makkii is a mobile wallet for Aion that allows you to store AION coin. Users can create and recover existing AION wallets, send and receive AION coins, and look up transactions.


  • Easy to use, convenient, intuitive interface.
  • Supports integrating with the cold wallet (Ledger)
  • Allows users to specify which Aion Node they want to connect to (Mainnet or Testnet)

Get Started

Run through these steps to get started!


To install the Makkii wallet, you can download directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store by searching for “Makkii”. Alternatively, you can download Makkii from HERE.


Set Up

  1. Open the app by pressing the Makkii icon after installing it.
  2. Register a new account and set your Makkii wallet password, then click the "Register" button.
  1. The app will show you a 12 word mnemonic phrase. This is very important. You should make several copies of this phrase and save them in a secure location. These 12 words will help you retrieve access to your wallet! We highly recommend making a hard copy and storing it somewhere safe like a lockbox or security deposit box.

That completes the set up process of your new Makkii wallet!


Ledger Wallet Support

Makkii supports integrating with the Ledger cold wallet. Using the correct cable, plug your Ledger device into your Android. The Ledger will then prompt you for the next steps.